About ready2mains™

ready2mains™ tells the current how to communicate

ready2mains™ uses the mains cable to transmit information: easily, reliably and professionally.

Luminaires are controlled and dimmed directly via the mains, with no need for any additional wiring. Manufacturers can configure their luminaires with ready2mains, saving time and enhancing flexibility. ready2mains reduces production costs and installation costs and also reduces possible sources of error.

Dimming via the Mains

ready2mains™ is the professional way to dim via the mains. It allows for easy and cost-efficient refurbishment of existing luminaire installations with the latest dimmable LED technology. There’s no need for any rewiring within the ceilings as the existing mains wiring is used for communication. It is simple to install and provides the basis for cost-effective solutions.

  • Low-cost upgrade from non-dimmable installations to dimmable LED solutions
  • Energy savings thanks to simple integration of sensors and push-buttons by using the one4all interface (DALI, DSI, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION)
  • No need for rewiring in the ceilings

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Configuration via the Mains

ready2mains™ is the easy way to configure your LED luminaires, even fixed-output types. There is no need for an additional communication interface as the existing mains interface is used. It significantly reduces the risk of failure by offering user-defined configuration scripts, and allows for simple and flexible integration in existing test setups.

  • Simple configuration of the LED Driver in the luminaire during production
  • For the first time non-dimmable LED Drivers can be automatically configured
  • Reduced risk of failure
  • Simple integration in existing test setups

Further information

System solution for Configuration
ready2mains™ Programmer + driver